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Created: April 27, 2020

My Wealthy Affiliate Review

Getting Started Today


Name: Wealthy Affiliate


Price: Starter Membership, $0 (Join Here)

Price: Premium Membership, $49/month OR $495/year (Join Here)

 Kyle & Carson

Overall Rating:
 98 out of 100 (5 stars)

Who it’s for:
 Newbie – Expert

By FadedKinection.com

  This website contains affiliate links, which means I earn money from products and services you purchase through my links.

Introduction To Wealthy Affiliate

Is Wealthy Affiliate for beginners?

Want to have the time for the things you love, revolving around luxury or family? Create an affiliate website and generate income using a proven blueprint.   I’m Walt a.k.a Walt James. I have a fresh take on Wealthy Affiliate which I’m gonna concretely share for reference material 1 – 15 years from today.  If you didn’t know I am also the owner of  FadedKinection as a result of what’s taught in Wealthy Affiliates training.

Just so you know we all learn at different levels and paces.  I’m a beginner trainee; I may even have a learning disability for the record.   I am not an experienced writer and I have no prior experience in affiliate marketing since the last year 2019.  I discovered Wealthy Affiliate purely by accident and beyond this review, I’m not finished yet.  However, if you’ve been searching to choose a platform that will help you advance in how to create a blog and make money starting in 2020

I think my information you can trust to function as a cheat sheet.

Let me jump right in…

Just to explain why. First and foremost I am new at this except my review here is of how committing this “newness” to Wealthy Affiliate influences me. I think it will serve to benefit your exploration if you are just beginning to pursue knowing more about the evidence Wealthy Affiliates is connected to researching affiliate marketing. The layout of my thoughts for reading are (my) notes to familiarize a reader with a platform offering training & application you can discover (today) if you look into the information as given…

Down below …if you

Clicking on the photo showing is (optional) to immediately further your insight on the new affiliate commission increase happening on WA’s platform since May 11, 2020.

If you find you are a bit interested in the claim opportunity, I suggest you pull up a chair, grab a pen & paper, and take notes. I would even comment (watch Youtube video) below too (if I was you)– awhile reading to later have the opportunity at coming back for a (one-on-one) discussion with me… should you at a point have concerns about joining Wealthy Affiliate with me.

Meanwhile, if you think you did miss the black Friday pricing  “you did” (shown in the photo above) doing this homework sesh.  Should you wanna get caught up, know that my intuition (plan) is to cover observation that many beginners don’t already know about when it comes to Wealthy Affiliate, a.k.a (Wealthy Affiliate University). Where, now if you came across a Wealthy Affiliate University review –you would know you are still learning about what is mentioned to be the most innovative internet business community online.

That being said…

What is Unique about Wealthy Affiliate?

What I find to be unique about Wealthy Affiliate is its community which I will talk slightly about later, meanwhile that I need to mention (WA) Wealthy Affiliate seems to advocate the “work online make money” attitude.  Me, out of curiosity was drawn in because I can use a perspective that encourages me to focus my energy to enrich my work habits.  Yet, I wanted to know what pros and cons were already outlined about its existence since Wikipedia didn’t have a page at all in the search results.

Trying to narrow things down for my own comprehending.

Affiliate marketing for newbies seem to materialize like a curse, I mean can you imagine an all inclusive experience where newbies can actually get everything they need from one business building platform?

Surprisingly I discovered it.

A place where even affiliate marketing newbies are offered everything they need from websites to hosting and the most cost-effective web hosting services you can grow with.  Not to mention state of art support and 100’s if not thousands of training modules for building an ultra-high-performance, fully managed blog.

From there it became clearer…

Why Joining Wealthy Affiliate Creates a perfect Opportunity!

What Level Of Skill & Experience is Wealthy Affiliate For?

My guess is: If you are still on this review, there’s a good chance your interests may have been spiked?  Now let’s move into the question: “what level of skill & experience is WA for..?”

I begin to wonder about if I was to refer somebody what would I say to them:

Regardless to their background, if you have no technical knowledge or no experience previous, plus if you willing to: go to work “hard” for yourself you can build out a online business within Wealthy Affiliate.

Well.. you should know by now I said YES to the opportunity.

Wealthy Affiliate slowly made sense to me because I realized that the idea of learning about how to create a blog and make money is REAL.  So what was I waiting for when it came to signing up to do exactly what I was thinking to create a blog and make money.  It became clearer that age doesn’t matter, not even your country, EVERYBODY is encouraged. Wealthy Affiliate actually advertises on their link:


Then there’s another kind of learning I needed more than anything which is learning to create a successful online business with a platform that will allow this to happen…. Examining deeper. I took advantage of the FREE 7 day offer to see what the training & tools are.

Training & Tools within Wealthy Affiliate

This is where it gets overwhelming & challenging… The training & tools within Wealthy Affiliate (WA) if you are an extremely social person, or is just beginning to dive into discovering money solution online.  From experience, I can say the 7 days will feel a little like you’re being sucked into self-isolation because you’re –shifting to online courses to learn to create a blog and make money differently.

If you never took online courses before..  you will have to pace yourself with this to commit under preparation to yourself for the long-term.  I know this speaks volumes.. if you ain’t ready to commit.  It also mean that you will control all your work .. where and when you decide is “the best time” for applying what is taught within WA’s platform.  I know too you will find from WA’s community support many times long before you want it, because I do.

The Training: It is offered by both the online courses and the community to teach you how to make money online with affiliate marketing:

It has all level expertise effective in only:

52 weekly training classes covering –

  • live events on topic application (questioning & answering)
  • task-based courses
  •  live classes + unlimited class replay
  • video training & tutorial training

As For Tools & Services:

To achieve your online business goal researching, writing & website building/hosting WA offers:

  • User-friendly website builder on a most secured & fastest managed WordPress Hosting platform
  • Advanced keyword & competition research tool
  • Access to 1000+  professional design website-templates/themes
  • State-of-art cloud hosting with advance “instant” website setup
  • Online entrepreneurial certification (50 lessons)
  • Affiliate boot-camp training (70 lessons)

What’s left to investigate personally are two factors:

  • pros

    : suitable training on the basis.

  • cons

    : will see room for improvement & advancement within educational advice, technology, general servicing, and lines of support.

Starting A Business from Scratch With A Community Boosts Economic Potential.

If you never had an expert community behind you before..  Let me say it’s kind of refreshing.

Starting a business for yourself from scratch with WA’s community behind you as you can see the influence here on this review, I am on my way to building something for at least 10-15 years of substantial economic potential.   In reality, for me, there has never been a more efficient way for a newbie (a beginner) to really get the feel of trusting him or herself who is just starting, while having expert access to create a full time-business online.

Keep in mind you will have gained expert access to millionaires & Fortune 500 types via the community the minute you join Wealthy Affiliate.  I mean this opportunity works like a charm even if you on your mobile phone, and anywhere you have a connection to the internet.

This simply means it doesn’t matter if you live in:

  • Africa
  • America
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Australia

When it comes to making money online and usually end up using a search engine like Google for help it’s nice to know you can get Wealthy Affiliate with the live 24/7 community & support system within as little as 7 minutes & 95%  of your questions answered.

Within Wealthy Affiliate What Line of Work Will You Be Doing?

<= The diagram on the left in a nutshell breaks down what line of work you  will be doing within the Wealthy Affiliate platform.  Looking at the process you see four (4) basic steps

  • picking a niche
  • building a website
  • attracting visitors to your website
  • earning revenue

To simplify the course of how it will work from the moment of joining, I must reference there are probably about 100 different ways this process is taught within the community of Wealthy Affiliate. But. You head and choose the direction based on the two (2) options given: (1.)  You can follow your own passion, especially if you think following the advice of others will make you less successful. (2.)   There is no experience necessary (what I chose) if you have no passion or a niche, Wealthy Affiliate has an affiliate Bootcamp & starting at the skeleton bone level you discover the training is a complete walkthrough.

Wealthy Affiliate Pricing Plan

A message for the inspired,  to any newbie– unless you can commit 6- 7 months down the line it won’t be fair to you: Wealthy Affiliate has only (2) two pricing points:

Price: Starter Membership, $0 (Join Here)

Price: Premium Membership, $49/month OR $495/year (Join Here)

When you agree to accept the challenge to create a blog and make money starting in 2020…  Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t have a candy-coated sales pitch for people preferring to increase their online activities & working from home.  If a fact is if you not highly motivated & discipline as a beginner, after several months within the WA community making next to no money with affiliate marketing you will likely give up.

“Last time that I checked..”

To be brutally honest, it isn’t painfully obvious that even though affiliate marketing is a convenient way to generate income online, this typically will happen after you know how to build a profitable online business from scratch.   In your right mind I’m talking about the first steps of the process: building a website, using a website administrator & WordPress; learning how to use keywords, how to post a blog, and getting their affiliate links added.  None of this is 30 seconds & cookie-cutter easy as it is imagined, looking to benefit from running a legitimate online business.

My Referral Opinion + Exclusive Bonus

Having your own business online 7- 12 months down the line with a blog and making money should be the goal & something you enjoy even informing the business of your dream and confidence…  Yet.  Because business set-ups can be tricky and or be a scam host.  I do recommend web building packages & with as many FREE web building tools, including a domain service to make it fast & easy.

I am referring you to join the starter (membership) it’s $0.  Plus if it’s that bad  you can come back here to my website to bash or hate on me…  I mean.. at this point use your gut if seriously you deciding you don’t exactly like it. Thus,  apart from my opinion, if you choose how to create a blog and make money …another way.  It’ll be cool by me, but consider I did mention its worth the time & you make potential money blogs this way for FREE?

Meanwhile. If this was like a cyberpunk story, wherein the movie: “The Matrix” which color pill would you swallow, the red or the blue one?

How to claim Your Exclusive Bonus

To claim your exclusive bonus automatically when you join Your Free Starter Account FIRST STEP. And. Without worry, I will personally get in touch with you on your NEW profile congratulating you with some info about WA. You will be able to approve what I am going to offer you– your exclusive bonus if you vote TO JOIN in the first 7 days to become a Premium member.  When you create your account at Wealthy Affiliate you will notice you won’t be asked for any credit card details, simply because Wealthy Affiliate Starter membership is 100% free.

Conclusion Summary

Zig Ziglar-  once said: “The ability to concentrate and to use time well is everything.”

I am here to help, and hope you stick around for more online entrepreneur training & exposure via review.

As a beginner. If you have learned about yourself that you can not concentrate long-term.  Don’t trouble yourself with this review nor attempt getting into affiliate marketing– not if you aren’t of time to be able to establish anything concrete taking note in 2020 regarding online business preparation.

If you have a personal review or complaint that you would like to share about Wealthy Affiliate?  If you do, I would appreciate it if you could leave your comments/experiences below!  Thanks!

Owner, fadedkinection.com


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