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Topic #1. You’ve got to be better than your hater!

“You’ve got to be better than your hater, in your timeline– getting schooling about the power of email marketing.”

You’ve got to build your own platform, set aside time and listen close as I give you the game…

You know this ain’t entertainment, but a way to get established (to get paid writing reviews) applying dedication on your turf.

Blogging about it you’re unlikely to be wildly successful and wildly popular at the same time, especially if you are using it to market a particular niche blog market.

Choosing the perfect email niche blog is about your passion and the type of theme you want upon achieving a certain level of success. Now the problem in hitting the bullseye with your niche blog I can absolutely assure you will attract a hater. And they hate because you became an expert in your niche.

Understand their hating means you are doing the right thing. Sticking to the specific topic: what is email marketing? Why do email marketing?  I can show you ways to fuel your niche blog’s base with a one-track mind, having one purpose and one goal to earn money from every single niche blog because there are billions of people out there spending billions of dollars everyday for product or services.

A few things that will help you focus on being better than your hater(s) are:

  1. Choose a niche blog that fits you.
  2. Your niche blog should be based ideally on things that interest you.
  3. You niche blog can be a hobby.
  4. Your niche blog can be about the online business world.


Topic #2. If You Approach This (Niche Blogging) As A Business.

To start rolling in niche blogging for profit or for fun keep in mind you can always change your niche down the road.

Obviously choosing to make niche blogging a successful business opportunity requires forethought and research.

Perhaps you may be interested in promoting Wealthy Affiliate, the service I use. Because it encompasses many different industries and verticals that are easy to promote and to many different types of people is considered a complete business.

Whether you are going to do affiliate marketing as a business or promote your own online courses. The truth about establishing online your own brand is that its “staying power” lies in your ability to think long term.

Can you dedicate yourself to this challenge? Are you ready?

When your niche blog site has enough traffic you can make hundreds if not thousands of dollars. With that kind of income you will constantly need to improve your reach and to boost revenue potential, create and shape your consumer’s mind.

That being shared, apart from offering value.,. if you approach this (niche blogging) as a business your goal in the process of giving meaning with your website– is to create and establish your own brand.

Nobody starts off with any thing they do in business as an expert.

I think one of the biggest issues for a lot of new bloggers as well as beginners to affiliate marketing is getting their head around all the new lingo and details associated with choosing a direction for business.


Topic #3. Choosing “Your Target” Audience

So whatever you’ve decided to blog about.. if you are not excited and not having even a little bit of fun with this, guess is the technical stuff all is beginning to feel like work for you.

Choosing “your target’ audience. It is work and with the right attention to details it is all worth it.

Let’s face it. Now is the time to get smarter. You’ve tapped into how the middle class and the rich think about money taking control, taking advantage of the best ways to get more money.

But now if you pondering you did everything right because doing anything wrong just ain’t your style.

I think it’s time and important enough to address if whether your niche blog’s end goal really is: to make it easy for the target audience to see the connection between their needs and your product. Because that’s how you make the money –you should be having fun too. And. You should be excited knowing this is isn’t just some day job.

Learning what target markets and target audiences are –is a huge step when getting to roll thinking all you are after is a little corner of the population. In essence your target audience consist of nearly 7 billion people, that’s pretty big and pretty board right?

What if your resources are limited?  What if you really are just stuck? A lot of factors are likely to affect a marketers judgement identifying targets.

The trick is being able to take action on what you learn.


Topic #4. Working From Home, College Or Seeking Passive Income

Luckily for me I found how to access any target audience from what is being offered within Wealthy Affiliate. Typically marketers will run into a wall when they attempt to promote to (7 billion) this pretty massive target market. What Wealthy Affiliate platform broke down for me is– with just a little effort into one target audience the average affiliate referral for Wealthy Affiliate is close to $150. That kind of commission and recurring revenue add up very quickly.

To me that little bit of information was like putting the bigger pieces within reach so I can see clearly navigate to where my business being serviceable — is available for scaling markets and how to effectively set up campaigns targeting the ones for earning massive revenue.

Through Wealthy Affiliate I can actually show people what to do to get rolling working from home, college or seeking passive income.  “

“This a secret, but it ain’t obvious., because time is a throw-away and people won’t call it the truth!”


Topic #5. High Salary Worker Wanting More..

Imagine 50 referral per day, how it might for you be an interesting example scenario, totally a monthly income: $22, 390.

but the possibility trick is in:






The first 90 days on the road to freedom using the power of online presence. Learning the process of applying email marketing to the passive income lifestyle. Try not to underestimate the importance of your reach, sowing seeds and building a legacy.

I can assure you will figure out this method is no get-rich-quick scheme. It is however the key element to my own success. With a bit of hard focus, work and determination you can turn your Digital Life into a online business you earn money at!

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