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Advice For Fresh Starters


Manifesting your own destiny will require you know some concrete facts for changing ideas into money and things for improving your life immediately.  It is all in your thinking.


NOW is the time to increase step-by-step, what you know about working anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection & what you know– about belief and benefit, dealing exclusively with what you know that works.


“What if your thinking about it is the problem?”

To create a blog and make money starting in 2021 while pulling together your own promotional plan creating extra income streams from just talking about it to others, my advice for fresh starters. “Avoid the shiny object syndrome & DO YOUR OWN THANG.”  I am aware this means for the first timer this is about your learning the connection to the information and applying it.

If there is a such thing as a space existing between you and the information you want to be administering, you best believe there is a shiny object in the mist causing most people to have a touch time of trying “things” for the first time. The reason is because they are actually still in the space of listening to how other people are getting touched back RESULTS they think they want too. BUT. That’s okay too because these are only “first impression” of what other people are doing to get what they want in the “first place” instead of just talking about it.

Time and space is everything, except what would it be without a chance to be touch by it?

If all I did to create a blog and make money– was mention it to everybody I came in contact to while starting back in 2019.   I wouldn’t be here changing & improving on it living life today. You see what I am doing.. this living proof? Exactly what you need to know, thinking about what I did to create a blog and make money.  Focused energy, it will only continue to amaze you, including any one else doing the work too; who are not skeptical when hearing other people stories about this amazing ability to create things of thought.

So my encouragement is step #1 Focus on One Niche & One Website..


REMEMBER: Believing in yourself is hard work so find you a support system, you gonna need reinforcement to stay dedicated.


“Get the facts right FIRST dealing with what you are suspicious of in thinking about building a (online business) website,” .. If you do actually believe you have a Niche you passionate about & see more of the vision for extra income (thinking) happening with it, but not getting it (paid) yet.

Now up level your actions.   If you know this “thinking about you first” works, pulling together your thoughts over a niche & website. Today (tell me in comments below) what are you actually doing in the space around (for extra income) you if you are not building what isn’t working for you today?  This isn’t a trick step & question if YOU ARE A FRESH STARTER attempting to think right realizing you may know what you want while you don’t know what level of increase your are attracting– immediately.

“Is Your Niche consistent with what you know about belief & benefit?”

Internet Marketing Training Programs


I allow my mind sometime (part time & full time) to the possibilities directly in view of what is relevant at (WA) Wealthy Affiliate and what I can do with it.  To be able to overcome myself & help others progressing in the need to be led by why the internet marketing training programs was invented and make my own.

When you a fresh starter at affiliate marketing we tend to overestimate –it’s not unusual to think you need a middle man for the keys to success, where looking at very common marketing concepts & getting traffic from the international perspective dealing any transaction(s) like that is everybody’s doing.

“The internet is a source of information architect to carry data across connected devices, are you connected properly?.”

This here is about you being unique & stepping up your game & not overlooking the other way around either –having a representor talk you into avoiding the necessary stages of the process called: taking control.

I feel like I got married to learning to apply and execute the skills I have with this here technical art for exposing a different radiation of expertise.

You’d be surprised what laser focus can get you to accomplish when you after a new milestone.

The first video I saw teaching about mastering how to use marketing tools across email, content, social media, and paid advertising was like listening to Victory Lap the first time & understanding all money in no money out.  For the pieces internet marketing training can give.. you got to take your time. You can finance your own opportunities using an in-depth curriculum to help you cartel you own marketing strategies.

What is Your Referral Promotional Plan In 2021?

Questioning you about what is your referral promotional plan in 2021..

I allow my mind to think about the possibilities and experiment I can test until I find the factors I can control that will directly influence my # of referrals. I realize after reading about MAKING MY FIRST TEN MILLION. That with a hands-on intimate digital marketing experience I can introduce the world to another kind of high-intensity thought-provoking virtual sales flow of relevancy. I thought with the help of the universe I can make a grip improving the number of referrals I get.

Imagine empowering nominees & competitors from all different backgrounds to find success in sale setting baby step goals to help maintain the excitement growing out a website business.

“I DID.”

Becoming A Digital Marketer


One of my goals becoming a digital marketer was attracting 1 to 200 referrals in 2021.  I came to that goal after exploring the largest online training platform & community for affiliate marketers, with a reach of 1.5 million members across 195 countries. And it didn’t bother me if 90% of the people in the community will probably make next to nothing within their first six month. Why?

Because I investigated the reasons so many people fail in affiliate marketing, I set goals to not make the same mistakes. Too many shortcuts and too little focus has never paid off for me. Examining the fact that I could learn to control my flow of traffic to get people  (eventually) to my highest converting pages I figured I would open the vault to reveal a stockpile of content as an internet marketer.

I am learning SEO, PPC, Conversion Optimization, Analytics, Content, Mobile & e-mail marketing, I mean the list is long… Note, I definitely recommend it.

How to claim Your Exclusive Bonus

Do you have a personal review or complaint that you would like to share about Wealthy Affiliate?  If you do, I would appreciate it if you could leave your comments/experiences below!  Thanks!



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