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Something About Walter –

My name is Walter Martin. Replies and comments can be sent to:

I am not a financial adviser.  a.k.a.,  WaltM the affiliate marketer & online creative classroom for predominantly black entrepreneurs thinking to control his or her time, with money consciousness learning about lifestyle freedom at any level applying simple technology.   Started with no budget, his mission is to principally teach from practical results to this group people: interesting in mastering a dependable power.  To get paid for solving problems, and get paid to write reviews (solving problems) sharing their opinion on the internet turning their hustle ability (gradually) into 4-6 figures & potentially more as online businesses.

“Thinking of how to produce in writing a most extensive & general vision of my work, leveraging and recruiting my own authorship team(s) to head.”

In 2019, he launched his first (self-taught) online blog-consulting engineering business applying what most business owners utilize getting started.  Now– (sweat equity) a nonprofit consultant, author and coach.  It started as a “pick-up” meeting hustle to help his son transition from high school to college utilizing technology to maximize success & educational goals.  Let the fun begin, orderly and via fairly conducted meeting(s).

 This website contains affiliate links, which means I earn money from products and services you purchase through my links.


To help my audience (including those of the special needs community) understand how to apply a similar process and keep details of the direction under control. Want to learn more using educational technology for starting out writing reviews to build your own 4-6 figure affiliate marketing website & more from scratch?

Interested in learning how to get started earning online money:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Blogging
  • Web-design
  • Authoring your own book
  • Online course (training/creation)

Actually there are more than 200 platforms & apps for how-to-get-started.  Join 10,000+ other reader’s and get your hands on my FREE How-To-Series, e-book directly influenced by the back links (in case you missed-out) on this page educational primer.  (Thru our subscription and your participation, ). You will learn how to set-up for your audience niche base, build out your marketing systems on autopilot, and discover how to sell adequately to your target audience. You also learn to build trust & engagement without compromising your value and attract more effectively from what level you starting at.

Working From Home, College Or Seeking Passive Income?

Not a problem!


After considering my deafness and loss of hearing, helping others connect to others with a normal hearing threshold indicated a sense of purpose boosting my happiness. Through my energy & discoveries, this sense of well-being allows me to give back, researching the newest mobile & educational tool(s) and technologies.  I figure it’s now or never, I can teach the world what’s accessible to get paid to write, building the future. Using break-through methods & reviews at sharing our opinion(s) on the Internet!

 With a review website, you can make money with advertising or by working with a service like Amazon Affiliates.  It’s important to understand there’s either an educational platform or an app for meeting a business educational goal online.

The internet is our friend.

The internet is our friend.  For the work at which many of us can or cannot do ..carefully consider technology, learn how relevant it is or can be to our individual need of it.  I have leaped at the opportunity to possibly provide useful information to read and reference. While most readers will probably not make money for their reviews, the most popular reviews can earn up to $50+ and up!

Whether you want to get to a site devoted to simple reviews or you want to use a blog to really earn big bucks, you can get paid to write reviews.

The Story of you…

You are an ambitious entrepreneur or highly coachable/teachable who wants to go from zero to 4-6 figures in your online business coaching, consulting, or audience-based business. You smart, professional, and know you have a ton of value to offer a potential audience. You’re skillful, you’re a self-starter & good at what you do, except you wanna magically uplevel your current monetary status, as an investor, a blogger,  author, consultant, and a coaching host for even more. You want to graduate to 6k to 10k months, acquire 100k/yearly MINIMUM, benefit others, tour the world, make a shift & live life on your terms. You are ready to go to the next level, but you have engaged as far as you can and now you need help getting to the 4-6 kilo mark.


For fresh starters & visitors, I am you, apart from two facts: (#1.) I actually have a hearing disability. (#2.) 19 years ago I was fresh out on the path of parenthood. I, dedicated to changing my former L.A. lifestyle raised in both Watts and Compton California. Whose viewpoint(s) got inspired by, Los Angeles Crack Cocaine Epidemic . And U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters. I think I started my life late (nearly 25 years in the rough..) over in the year 2002 where, after falling on to some hard years I decided it was time to incorporate a business – and started a consultant company while I worked a job to help me with my bills.

The same year I found myself

The same year I found myself a father to a healthy newborn son,  just before launching my first company as a private consultant, coach & aspiring author. All which I will fail at miserably.  I was lastly able to turn around some key priorities. Yes, and you can too! I WAS then not happy with my job. Sadly. The same year… I felt like a terrible dad., mainly because I still lived poorly. In the end, I lost my company & I quit the job.

I realized I wasn’t thriving and felt out of order. As time past and I matured some I also find I learned much in the course of 19 years, not only about parenting, and about myself, but of building out a profitable online business. I noticed “the wanterpreneur” mentality to marketing to sales I begin to quietly  formulate a thriving purpose. I had to reclaim my income & BIG enough for my time to count & satisfy my drive to help people.

The story of us…

“What if I show you that I failed miserably?”  That I spent the following years trying to work out what I wanted for my life?  


Thus, meanwhile, with my Wealthy Affiliate training If you ready to build at least a 4-6 figure online business that can become a source of sustainable full-time income for you, I can help.

There’s NO initial investment

There’s NO initial investment & the easiest way to approach online money-making & ensure it works even for newbies.

Reflective thinking & very quickly with the little money coming in, I realized I couldn’t rely on anyone else to make a living.  Like many developing entrepreneurs to get back on my feet, I took all the work I could find.  After pieces of income and more part-time & temporary jobs, I finally decided to break out and start on my own again building out another business.

Starting last year I had discovered before I got busy with Affiliate Marketing a big change happening in the online world.  Many of the Fortune 100 & 500 companies were growing out online, controlling small groups of followers this way, plus selling products I use to only purchase at department stores. At the time I figured it must be working out okay, but I knew I wanted the same kind of action, something of my own & something I can control. For the first time I begin to see a world where too many financial advisors exist apart from the great corporations and ..not many having…  their own financial advice to follow. I thought “something is wrong” and I definitely needed an existing strategy of my own that worked! I observed many authors using Amazon’s KDP rampart to directly reach their readership. With no setup fees and or minimum orders some authors were going on to making a full-time living with this platform.

Definitely a life’s work I can sink my nails into & line my pockets.

Last but not least.

Moving forward…

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave below your comments and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best – Walter – A.K.A. “The Deaf Stoner” MY WEBSITE URL:

 Earn Revenue Creating Your Own Training


  1. A lot of detail, but you know what I always say “Readers are Leaders”.

    Aside from that you’re good, when do you live brotha Walt?.

    1. Thanks for the comment brotha Joe! And good question too! Believe it or not I live for the love of giving a lot of details! Lol Hopefully someone benefits because hard focus & work will always win!

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