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420. Money & Referral Review.

 This website contains affiliate links, which means I earn money from products and services you purchase through my links.

Topic #1 Referrals For Beginners

If you was ever thinking about 420 Money & Referrals for beginners with 2020’s technology. I’m here to let you know it is still popping with trends like the 420 cannabis culture & email marketing, driving conversions and becoming more mainstream that it’s NO DOUBT breaking down the emotional moments for people needing recognition and vision!


If you ain’t use to enjoying a video with hustlers like: Jay a.k.a. “Lazy Ass Stoner” explaining affiliate marketing for beginners. You probably not gon’ love seeing what else I have to show you that matters “advertising”  HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY MONETIZE YOUR WEED BLOG, simply digging-up relevant content for building-out and maximizing a performance channel –easily because it works!

Ladies and gentlemen. If you search online you will surely find there is media-news starting from zero, the cannabis industry is projected to be worth in the U.S. alone $66.3 billion within the next five years.

“You don’t have to believe in magic, smoke pot or do whatever you do to vibe, to notice things are changing…”

But if you are reading about coming-up, this article might be for you becoming interested in getting paid the Easy Way To Monetize Your 420 Cannabis Page & more! Just note:

It’s tough work, plus.

” The affiliate marketing industry also offers marijuana affiliate programs as a way to generate passive income online too, however it is still not an easy, get-rich-quick process.”

What that mean is:

To make real 420 money online, is real and you can do it too.

“It’s REAL” folks because email marketing not only has the largest reach, but is also the preferred communication tool nowadays!

However.. playing silly games and not being open minded ain’t the method of promoting product or service for putting money in the bank. (if you believe in hustle).

..And  just not knowing something ain’t the way to get it, if you frustrated it will (not) cause spiritual science to be like a broken vase, and yield you something for nothing.

Truth be told:  I’m presenting a referral opportunity using “methods of strange and rare facts–”  yet if you don’t know about ’em…  it is typically because what I do is called: ” a secret.”

So. When it come to referring friends & influencing people with the right information, it’s no wonder why we underestimate the value of attracting potential and study-less the importance of time-tested advice and the distribution of it..

Like what I’m doing is going pretty easy, as a guiding needle. Until you put yourself into the driver’s seat.

How the 420 method of promoting products and services work to win new customers in the way of thinking & learning thru a “referrals” recommendation. YOU will find it isn’t exactly new nor is it popular like a favorite makeup or sneaker brand.  Typically the strategy is why it’s necessary for such a science to be recommended when you hear it like somebody’s applying pressure on you to purchase something you don’t want.


Don’t make sense? Maybe it’s because you probably don’t know much about the method or how the mind and technology works  building an attraction to something being recommend.

For mastering my teaching:

I offer one-on-one email coaching (with a FREE bonus if you join today).  By showing you the best affiliate program(s) you can use too, also for FREE.  Even if you’re not really looking to invest in cannabis affiliate programs.

“ON A BUDGET or not, the hustle is real, just like the struggle & the hustle can get you started in affiliate marketing.”

Meanwhile I will be dropping a little success about online affiliate programs to make you money. Those perfect targets for ensuring that your beginners marketing hand not only encourages a referral but so you can also receive a recommendation yourself on what is wanted or needed by fresh starters on a regular, relating cannabis investments & alternative investment funds.

Furthermore, this here article is kind of how the referral stuff works, along with the videos giving up a little inside information…  I personally think this is an easy way to monetize your 420 cannabis page & more if you don’t know exactly anything about affiliate marketing.

Topic #2 What to do when working on a budget

From the top 10 affiliate programs to the 10 best affiliate program for a training course you may like. I can tell you before it’s too late that you will be hit with some favorites and even some hate where INCOME is concern.

#1. What do you do: READ CUSTOMER REVIEW ON EXISTING PRODUCT (encouraging others to talk about themselves & products can make you a good listener.)

#2. What do you do: CAPITALIZE EARLY ON TRENDS YOU LIKE (encourages the psychological process in the affirmative direction consistent to what you are listening to.)

Due to the new social regulations during this time of quarantine because of Covid-19.

what do you do nowadays when you quietly questioning is all based on what you’re thinking: who can you trust and how much is it gonna cost, especially where anything over $300 is unbelievable not a deal bargain?

You’d probably pass it up because it lacks “valuable content” at not being interesting & unique.

But let’s face it, life can be difficult and our finances don’t always work the way we wanted them to.


It isn’t all bad because you are still trying to pay off bills and save. (This is conscious & subconscious)

If there is a truth here about “what to do when you working on a budget.” The important fact to know about this insane paradigm of REALITY is: “a budget takes courage, and courage has always been in shorter supply when it come to brilliant thinking.”

And if you thinking that my priority here is persuasion I suggest you psychoanalyze to learn if the sales pitch of Simon in the video about Wealthy Affiliate had impacted you.  Because he not only has an invested interest in his video ..it’s a REAL person’s review CASE-STUDY with a platform that doesn’t cut from your budget when nothing else is left; if you paying attention he reveals it’s very “cheap” (cost-effective)  with a purpose..

Also note:

Any other Wealthy Affiliate review (on affiliate marketing) has one purpose in common “a solution,” it either works or it fails.

So when looking for a real solution and you on a budget– working the income; same as smoking cannabis (on a budget) this works the same way.

My point?

If you don’t know– (smoking cheap cannabis) you can still get high & you don’t react negative because of the wide range of sale ability. The REAL work of serving a purpose is done, and that’s what Wealthy Affiliate provides.

Their goal is to be a dominant solution. (What’s yours? IF YOU NEED EXTRA MONEY & DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO?)

Whether you are dealing in real estate investment trust reits or seeking cannabis investment opportunities & more I am suggesting going with Wealthy Affiliate (until you encounter better) because they provide the best program (covering the basis) for a beginner & advance marketers online who are on a budget plan.

Topic #3 Money makes Money

The easy way to monetize your 420 cannabis page like any other is always hidden in plain sight. The tricky thing is we miss that part because it takes hard work to make the sales look easy.

Becoming an expert at affiliate marketing like any technical skill people develop, if you can evaluate someone else’s work you will see required some form of discipline.

So the important question is: How discipline are your?  If you are just getting started or simply reading & watching for more information regarding should you try your hand at affiliate marketing.

I will not be one of those who say “this ain’t for everyone” because after you realize that most everyone of your favorite brands has a affiliate program, the only thing left to investigate are the tools for leveraging (earning) the commissions.

If the case is you don’t know “money makes money” properly understood, many of us with little money don’t know the function of money.  Thus, it wouldn’t matter if we (you) are seeking alternative investment funds or building a college investment fund club. The not knowing that money is a medium of exchange regardless of what form it take, you won’t be able to follow the benefits of money well enough to grow it up.

On the other hand, if you know the function of money,  and are still not able to make the service of it provide more than enough for you.. then you could be knee deep into the practice of handing money over to fraudster who won’t grow you any kind of money nor are you likely to recoup any of it.

Topic #4 Because Everybody Is An Investor

Because everybody is an in investor I think many of us fail at it because of distractions and not being able to focus.

To begin building a long-term future of making money online with affiliate marketing you must focus, I know trying to wrap you mind around what work is tough to follow.

Investing where the few of us who have found success are slow to talk about it REALISTICALLY is a problem. I started in 2002 taking what I discovered to other investors that had some money behind them, my sweat equity only generated more of the same.

In the end I learn as a beginner investor to focus on earning money putting in place the simple methods of referral which links paying yourself first.

After I fail with my first corporation I realized for long-term growth to work effectively in helping others find out where to invest is better done introducing the product that makes you money.

Sharing what you do is key and work better than to trying to do it for them.

I, since believed everybody is an investor & found it is not enough struggling many times alone with just the pieces.  I needed training. I needed an induced science that actually worked!

Until I would figure it out, the idea of a collective investment trust only did appeal to me before I knew what it was in business development.  Also what high paying affiliate programs versus those that claim to be the highest paying affiliate program …I suppose I was destined to be able to help with other investors thru one community regardless to the level of investment they STARTUP.

It is easy to resist, than to persist with a new brand & other people trying to figure out the pieces too.  This  including missing steps in order to find a solution.  I suggest:

Not trying to make pieces fit as whole pieces because it is destructive–expecting them to automatically turn into a full circle..

So if you are new at affiliate marketing, meaning you have no prior experience, but wanna end up better next year around building out with a affiliate program. I suggest here start learning as much as you can first by organizing your thoughts & resource about investing with a short plan to implement immediately.  Try watching Youtube videos relevant to what you want as a business. (see post).  Especially if you still aren’t comfortable yet with being outside your circle of comfort.


“We are only limited by our weakness of attention and poverty of imagination.”by -Bob Proctor

Keep in mind I am here to help, any question or comment please leave below so I can respond to your concerns.

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