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Introductory To Beginner’s World Online Education Series.

By FadedKinection.

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Got concerns of losing money? Wanna avoid scams or fraud?

Topic # 1 Newbie Scams To Be Aware Of

First hand I witness a friend whose 84-year-old mother was schemed & manipulated out of money. Her lifestyle and savings were being systematically hijacked by that of her very own children and some of their friends, whose role was to care for their aging mother.

The reality of this mother’s life’s

This is a story of a mother’s experience being confused by family and was heartfelt beyond words for me.

I was privileged to learn about this mother’s loss & the relentless attitudes of her children at poorly protecting their own mother’s financial planning to the extent her funeral & cemetery arrangements was tainted.

Sad as it was, following a series of other financial scams the 84-year-old mother found it tough to believe her children were scourging her of her life’s savings even while alive, going beyond her documented wishes set forth in her will for them…

From just a snippet piece of what is happening in the world.  Exposing beginners (a newbie) across the globe about scammers & fraud who may be clueless. To the many helpful and promising opportunities online for figuring out ..if not to discover what you can legally do to coordinate any (if not all) asset(s) or property correctly and in a timely manner. 

“Should any newbie (beginner) who is able.”

A beginner (newbie) who in their personal life had ever wish to learn, over the internet.  About preventing scam relations or becoming a next victim of fraud. Thus, way before & not after they are ever in danger by a scammer, or played by a fraudulent criminal.

I think anywhere online, individuals as newbies (beginners) to the internet world (including any elder person) who seek awareness of those shifting snakes lurking the internet..

Ought to have a scam alert resource, that’s easy to read & simple enough to browse thru. Being jam-packed with the latest data terms; bold recognizable images, and practical information pieces.  Covering plenty of relevant reviews to prevent any newbie of scams(that exist) especially scams by topic to be aware of during a creepy encounter.

That being shared.

Below are 5 common type of (scams/fraud) prey I think newbies do see daily & should research (in their spare time). By getting into the practice over the internet to become familiar with getting a scam/fraudulent education ahead of the hard learning experiences, thus which will prevail over many online lessons found out about the tough way:

The more recognizable alerts to help you stay safe are…

Number one alert is: (#1). Money advice services (Late Payments Scam).

Number two alert is: (#2). Targets aim at teens (Scholarship Fraud).

Number three alert is: (#3). Email hacks (Newbie Security Scam).

Number four alert is: (#4). Warning to your friends (Tech support Scam).

Number five alert is: (#5). High Alerts For Coronavirus Investing (Fake Charity Fraud).

Topic # 2 How To Know If You Are being Scammed

“Believe it or not.”


Being a newbie makes you perfect prey for scammers! I don’t want to scare you, but to simply caution you progressing forward on how to know beforehand.


Dropping simple insight for what to do with a beginner’s learning process to avoid being scammed.

Schemes are difficult to detect, but there are things we can look out for.  Considering there are online scam alert services to help point out key factors.

We can’t always know for sure if a company is on the up & up dealing over the internet.   Or If in receiving an unexpected call and or messages out of the blue if the representative is legit and have good intentions.

Here are some basic guiding steps to remember & try:

  1. Lookup scammer by email address
  2. Uncover hidden photographs & social media profiles
  3. Do a background search
  4. Look for warning signs


Topic # 3 When To Protect Yourself From Online Scam & Fraud

In online relationship scams it has been report that Americans lost $143 million to dating sites looking for romance.

When to protect yourself from online scams & fraud at glance, it should always be about information that provides you with having full control against being taken advantage of by any act of fraudulent activity.

“At all times…”

Anything less of the common alert scam types mentioned about, my suggestion is to diligently be on the lookout for and what you can do to protect yourself best.

In recent U.S. history it has been exposed no one is off-limits to being a target by scammers, including our pets.

Beware & alert of any data breaches; identity theft and scams of all sorts & sizes have been going on year after year.  Many times people will ignore a scam threat to turn off their electricity & don’t think they can fall victim to fraudulent tricks, however it is happening all over the world.



Topic # 4 Where To Get Help To Avoid Online Scam & Fraud

Scams are becoming more sophisticated every day, and are taking place daily.  What to do if you suspect you’ve been scammed or have been a victim is nothing to be ashamed of.

Where to get help is important and urgent to seize, (anywhere) this includes online scams & fraudulent concerns.  Usually, online you can straight away reduce damage by taking fast action to assistance being provided immediately.

It typically is easy to locate on-site (most times) 24/7 access to help in whatever you do discover took place, where you can actually prevent further loss if you are proactive.

Also. Remember to remain calm. Because the end goal should be full recovery via (phone) or online consultation, with as little delay as possible and nothing less of a proper investigation.

The base service in my experience has been an online 1on1 free consultation only covering what I needed to get help & support immediately.

Here are some simple link(s) of basic professional fraud support site(s) for any beginner to get familiar with & help themselves thru:




If you are a senior citizen or anybody who feels he or she is being targeted by a fraud scheme. Or believe you have been scammed over the internet I suggest trying to act quickly and possibly chat with anyone you trust…

Financial scams today targeting elders ranging from 40’s to 65 years has become so prevalent they are now being considered the crime of the 21st century.

Because elders are uniquely vulnerable I strongly suggest finding out how much at risk you are to not be victimize and get help as soon as possible.


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