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Fav Junk Foods Under $25

By FadedKinection.

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The Now & Later Review

If you have shopped online for 420 candy. Would you recommend CHEWY, BITS OF LONG-LASTING, DELICIOUS

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CLASSIC FRUIT FLAVOR CANDY? I would! Remember Now Later Candy? These YUM YUM individually wrapped, original chews is a brand of fruit-flavored taffy-like candy that’ll never lose their boldness!

When I was a kid I would go wild over the apple and grape square flavored yummies! Let me tell you you wouldn’t even be disappointed if you happen across a firm pack! I found if you leave them in the sun or some other warm/hot place they will get a bit wet and soften up and easily get stuck to your teeth or the roof of the mouth!

420 candy is impressively cannabis infused compared to this classic manufactured candy. However Now & Later are available in more than 16 flavors–from Fruit Punch and Watermelon to Cherry and, Mango–Wild Berry! The individually wrapped candy pieces will kick-start your taste buds and are easily addictive!

The long-lasting fruit flavor I would recommend sharing around with your friends and family so there is no chance that you will eat them all by yourself!

  Nothing Beats the AIRHEADS Review

Ever heard the saying: “You are what you eat” Believe it or not since 1986 the chewy fruit taffy Airhead candy has been a favorite to both children and adults alike.

These intense fruit flavored soft chew available nationwide in the United State come in over 16 different flavors. The Airhead chewy fruit taffy candy was invented August 7, 1985 by a Steve Bruner.

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The kids love this stuff and adults can’t seem to buy enough, although the candy comes in a variety of flavors the–Blue seems to be the popular color! This tremendously tangy snack is also fun, you can pull it, squish it and mold it into some really crazy shapes.

Airheads definitely hits the spot for me when I am craving for some fruit flavored sweets!

I love the fact that there are different flavors and that you also get mystery flavors. They are also a good purchasing deal for school fundraisers, community parties and booster club events for selling items. Meanwhile they are also an exceptional buy for both birthday parties and last but not least Halloween!

The Original Fruit Candies Review

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It seems like Skittles have been around forever whenever I see or hear the iconic tagline, “Taste The Rainbow.”

With Starburst not far behind,  bearing the slogan “unexplainably juicy.” I am sure many of you will agree both candies seem to make the mouth watery without question. Besides, we only have ourselves to blame at home or elsewhere when not stocking up on everyone’s favorite colorful and fruity candy bowl is almost done.

For me.

When attempting to calculate exactly how much of these (2) candies will (not) be enough between the children and yourself “comfortably.” I can’t tell you how many times I do fail to remember how fast the two (2) Skittles and Starburst combine will last tending to think a small bag of each will go far.

You know what I am talking about..

If you have had these candies before–when your mind turns to snacks, but (not chocolate) and you’ve got both bags of Starburst & Skittles opened.  It’s as if your candy reserve start staring you down–like a MONSTER treat giver!  “Begging for you to eat ’em ALL up!”

And. (If you have kids) Don’t be alone with the candy–just before the children walk in on you either!



The Original Atomic Fireball Review

If you read the customer reviews on Ferara Pan’s Atomic Fireball in the Amazon results. You will fast learn the secret of what turnt up the heat on this revolutionary flavor hard candy.


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The timeline of the actual candy company’s history begins in the 1860’s following a great many leadership arrangements that today employs approximately 6000 people.


Any question? I got answers for the best (and worst) of candy prices, if you’d like to add to the list of Fav Junk Foods under $25 send a comment.

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