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The Meaning of Jay-Z’s “The Story Of  O.J.”  inspired by old racist cartoons?

Concerning the lack of economic development in the Black community, On his 2017 album 4.44. Rapper and Mogul Jay-Z on the song: “The Story of O.J.” tries to elevate the understanding of the economy within the Black communities.


If we were to try and move our imagination into this song’s emphasis, toward Jay-Z’s message for the black community to benefit & work-on growing to improve within our communities. What real benefit would Jay-Z want you or I to derive from sending the message he did in the song: “The Story Of O.J.?

The Cartoon That Jay-Z Is Referencing

The story of O.J.’s  from Jay-Z’s music video uses several clips without doubt exposes America’s long history of racist cartoon, but to what extent is the cartoon’s message exaggerating in what the stereotype has inspired using America’s history for careful study?


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