Sidestepping Years of Faded Marketing Tactics

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Please Give Me Feedback On My Website

As I am building out my website(s), managing my ongoing activities can be tough. I realize if there is a playbook of how to create content that drives traffic or reach my target audience. That the things to do isn’t written in stone, neither is suppose to happen over night, even if this is the goal.

I endorse feedback marketing tactics, I approve of them because they are the nuts and bolts behind the ongoing process of content creation which can lead me & others to a better understanding and insights from what to do to create a higher quality website, at the very beginning.

Posting “please give me feedback on my website(s)” can help me crush faded marketing tactics that serve little or no help in my aim to deliver my core ideas within the content I share. But even in getting support for my content ideas from my audience or a community, this can be tough too. However, it is necessary when the goal of content creation is to acquire trust and build long-term relationships, generated by marketing initiatives I take on my website.

Introducing what it takes to get the best results:

Do you know as a beginner the role content marketing refers to, within the activity a company or person takes to promote the selling or buying of a product or service? Introducing what that is and what it takes to get the best results, require understanding how that connection works in affiliate marketing, even when you come across words like:

  • digital marketing
  • marketing programs
  • e-commerce
  • banner ads
  • commission

(They exist to help you position what is happening to promote the activities of affiliate marketing or networking, but many times are not fully shown or explained to know what it takes to get the best result.)

Sidestepping Years of Faded Marketing Tactics

One rule you need to test on a continual basis and drive home is the mechanics or building block of your content creation process. It is critical of you, to know that you are the primary owner(s), painting the picture, cutting out or shaping the position & role of your brands function.

(That’s right, you are creating a brand.)

Affiliate marketing or networking for any new person, at any level or company will remain the advertising model in which you use or another company compensate (third party publishers). To generate traffic or lead to promote the initial company’s product or services, but it will always remain up to you to find ways to promote the company and to remember that commission fees are only incentive for the work you do.

Revisitation. Now is the time

Now is the time to revisit how to best engage your target consumer or base audience. Why? Because any forward thinking marketer know content marketing is the key to driving profitable customer action. However, if you not ready for this professional level of content creation or marketing, many times it is because of the evolving function engaging the apparent responsibility with building out a business.

You need valuable, consistent, relevant content.

Believe it or not the role of any new person, or company, at any level in affiliate marketing or networking while the titles may vary more or less of the time.. it is truer with time, that you are the content leader. In a nutshell, from the beginning you will be viewed as chief content officer (CCO) and you must be able to think like a publisher-journalist.

Giving Helpful Feedback

Remember, feedback is never easy, but it is crucial in getting a fresh perspective and can help push your work to the next level. Giving helpful feedback on website design or content should be something you can do and it can help provide new brainstorms or strategies. The insight can alert you and deepen the relationship of how people are using your site and uncover challenges.

Everyone has an opinion, even for managing ongoing activities on a website. Marketing leaders typically create playbooks that reveal or contribute to long-term site building success. I suggest in giving helpful feedback, to learn early how to evaluate real-time user feedback. In building out a website, feedback on a websites design or content gives a glimpse inside the users mind, and you can actually use the information to improve their experience.




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