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Adding Something Familiar

There is a such thing as the power of affiliate marketing. Yes, indeed! But. There is also something else worth knowing getting started in affiliate marketing, adding something familiar to how influencers get you to leverage the power you have to generate your first sales or traffic.

Now, that may sound complicated if you are just starting out as a newbie googling how to start a business, and not sure why how to start a online business might come up in the organic search too, as an option.

More about adding something familiar, lesser than understanding the power of affiliate marketing or the concept of affiliate marketing. But if you not thinking about starting a business, instead have a simple product, affiliate marketing is an effective way to get your product to market, so you can form the business of your dreams with confidence.

A little deeper in if you a newbie googling how to start a business.

“You might even get blasted in the organic search option by three (3) of the top 3 advertisers on “how to start a business online.” Why is that?


Affiliate marketing is the only channel that reaches and influences consumers worldwide.

Becoming an entrepreneur where you promote other companies’ product or your own in 2020 —business set up or laying down game about affiliate marketing can still be tricky.  Because before you begin (the stretch) journey, you got to be willing to stick to the script of your hustle.

In other words, as a fresh starter– playing with power might sound risky, because not trying to underestimate your personal power “marketing” basically on your own, from how to start affiliate marketing to one knowing what I mean, exactly about playing around with power.. Plus you probably know little of how affiliate marketing is responsible for a significant portion of revenue at a number of successful companies.

I mean.

Why would you or anybody be motivated for business, affiliate marketing or a startup, (game) in the first place applying the power of affiliate marketing and keep grinding on every level you cross –for you to be successful?

“Sometime fresh and strange ain’t for everybody.  Neither is a clear idea of who you target going all money in –from zero to one for that million dollar result!”


But. The only right way to build out a product niche or a successful business is the way that’s right for you. While for many,

“playing with power” is only a cliche…


You might begin to wonder (like most cats) if you got to be a genius to attract a future around high-quality leads affiliate marketing.

You read: Zero to One by legendary entrepreneur and investor Peter Thiel. You find he dissect ideas– brought up from a lecture he gave at Harvard University.

He break down American companies- what they do to inherit profits from the West side to the East, North & South side doing business (anywhere) with what we already know.

Recognize they practice 24/7 what that is, doing business anywhere in the world, if an affiliate doesn’t make sales, they don’t pay ’em. Because you only pay an affiliate if he or she is successful and there usually are no fixed costs.

You can benefit too, starting now to see immediately how they are adding more of the same to something familiar(what we call “game”), like it got a divine presence and making bank with it.


Master Your Game, Getting Your Money.  Era idea #1

To master your game, getting your money.  Trying to find your niche direction, you must begin to master certain highlights of your determination, dealing the best way to get more money. Peter Thiel say in his book (Zero to One.)

“Every moment in business happens only once.”
Thinking on them words it’s no wonder why people like Bill Gates get richer registering for this path. Copying such a model, isn’t meant to put another one’s focus –where the money eventually come down like rain. Not to everybody in between the raindrops, affiliate marketing. (if possible)   Thus it would –from observation possibly be an unfortunate turn of events.
One which could mean missing out on 90 percent of the (yours) potential revenue.  Peter Thiel dropping game (insight)– he saying, basically –do this and while operating on the principles outlined in his book, you’re either learning or it is a  practical visionary approach, to something that’s real..  Except.

When you are trying to create a business, what should you be thinking if you lack personal confidence?

To Copy A Model.  Era idea #2

Discovering I got something to contribute, affiliate marketing. Aligning my story of money & leveraged income to– a strategy to copy a model. I find in doing so, that I had to wonder is it clearly effective where it comes to building out an opportunity or a network.

From my research, I learned when you use a strategy to copy a model, you are primarily left alone to figure out the concepts of it’s personal attraction and the leadership for the model being risen-like from the dead.

Before Wealthy Affiliate I thought I was broken in that area of trying to copy a model, that I had a problem that needed to be fixed.  And when I realized that I was simply a different person, to my surprise– in the industry of marketing it turns out that all of us have different personalities and different strengths.

In choosing opportunity that cater to my strengths, short term it help me avoid risk, overtime I am allowed to benefit substantially.

Now, let me explain why I figure this happens more specifically. Research says, the purpose of the marketing industry is to communicate– offerings to the general public, the consumer and potential clientele. I also found out when something is unnecessary because it already exist, they call this process making an exact copy “duplication.”

At the time of my beginner stages, making an exact copy of anything was never my aim. I was only interested in the talent that allow me to teach everything I knew about hustling over the internet, whether direct or through a network. I would even go as far to hang out with social extrovert who love talking with people at meetings and one on ones.

Learning “lessons” the hard way, I noticed I was highly interested in the gift of being allowed to get out in front of more people…, and do it in such a way that if you was somewhere…

“listening or reading it made you feel like you was getting your mind right.”

When A Risk Taker Writes.  Era idea #3

I suggest when a risk taker writes you should read or at least take to a listening ear (for the giver of great vibes.)

If I am an introvert who shudder at the thought, of coming across as an extrovert. (no offense.) Try to see yourself making your first 10 million, and down for finding the method(s) that are aligned with it being accomplished, (thinking) who is working smarter?

Then. I say.

Breaking down the nitty-gritty to upleveling into the marketing industry. I’m on my way and so are you to massive success.


I ain’t for trying to encourage aspiring entrepreneur into specific methodology for building a business online under the guise of  duplication. But what I employ is a high sense of motivation aim to access the old school warm market. Wherein are salespeople who can or want to build a business of their own. If they choose to recruit others and teach them how to prospect, then they can earn override income, too.

Urgent of all predetermination of things, to calm the excitement for the long-haul. I want you to know that everyone sucks at this or the industry in the beginning.

Conclusion: Creating Value In the World.

How I advocate reading this blog. As if it was advice from the ancient ones.

Some time ago, an ambitious scribe traveled to Egypt to interview a wise old Pharaoh named Khufu. When the two sat down for tea, instead of letting Pharaoh Khufu do the talking, the scribe began to brag about all the things she knew about life!

The gal ranted on and on while the Pharaoh poured the scribe’s tea. As she endlessly babbled, the tea quickly rose to the rim of her cup and began spilling all over the sun lit, black marble floor.

The scribe finally stopped yakking and said with surprise, what are you doing? You can’t pour in any more! The cup is overflowing! “Yes,” responded Pharaoh Khufu. “This teacup, like your mind, is so full of ideas that there is no room for new information. You must first empty your head before any new knowledge can enter.”

A fun, fast virtual blueprint. You READY?

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