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What is AliExpress Anyway?

What is AliExpress? Based in China, AliExpress is an online retailer that boasts to have over 100 million quality deals on popular electronics and fashion accessories.

Name: AliExpress


Owner: (former executive Jack Ma) Alibaba Group

Overall Rank: 4.1

Who’s it for? International online buyers

By FadedKinection

Do Newcomers Benefit From AliExpress?

Yes, however, if we dial it back. Two years ago this time it was shared that many newcomers were struggling with how to start and benefit from AliExpress exclusive offers to beginners. Imagine having access to a variety of products fresh out the gate that’ll cost you only $0.01 as a result of AliExpress promotional and discount codes. This way no matter which sign-up method a newcomer chooses, especially with a narrow niche they can get their feet wet in a more beneficial way from AliExpress free shipping.

Is it Safe To Shop On AliExpress?

The popular question is it safe to shop on AliExpress, is the same as the one when shopping online buying something from Amazon or eBay. Yes, it is safe if you remain the smart shopper you’ve always been to avoid getting scammed. AliExpress describes in their listing if your purchase doesn’t arrive on time you can get a full refund. Now buyers are probably safer shopping on AliExpress considering the evidence of their buyer protection program.

How To Buy On AliExpress?

You might have heard the trick to buying on AliExpress if there is one is to pay attention to the description(s) when you sure you like the product online before you click the “Buy now” button. How to buy smart when shopping on AliExpress especially when you purchasing expensive stuff, first be sure you’ve signed up in the actual platform to create and verify an account. Next, browse the site you will find similar/same products from different sellers for cheaper/different purchasing offers.

What is Drop-shipping on AliExpress?

For merchants and entrepreneurs in the eCommerce profession, also known as e-business or electronic business. Dropshipping with AliExpress in the year 2021 has become one of the most popular trends since women shoppers could add $280 billion to the eCommerce market by 2030. And if it isn’t hyped what is drop-shipping on AliExpress anyway? Well when it comes to customers purchasing from your site, AliExpress makes it easy to set up a store with a few products to test. This eCommerce platform lets you order from your Chinese supplier and they ship the item to your customer.

Can You Dropship From China?

Since eCommerce refers to a transaction(s) conducted via the internet, it definitely possible to drop ship products within the US from using Chinese Suppliers. This doesn’t go without doing some homework and research first while keeping in mind not all Chinese suppliers have fulfilled orders in the US or have the inventory for flexible solutions & rapid innovation necessary for growth.

What Are Some Pros & Cons about AliExpress?

Entrepreneurs and newcomers who desire a niche using AliExpress to make money 7 days a week in the drop ship business should familiarize themselves with both the advantages and disadvantages of shopping online with this platform. For example, since the shopping platform has a large amount of product from different categories beware of typical cons:

  • false advertisement
  • “as is” product – (hard to customize, little or no quality control)
  • data leak(s)
  • not much control
  • low-profit margins
  • difficult returns & refund

Meanwhile, the whole idea behind AliExpress is to provide safe online shopping in English and other foreign languages from Chinese product translators & distributors. In this way the pros are:

  • flexibility
  • minimal overhead
  • versatility
  • free shipping in almost all product
  • can find a good product at good prices
  • quick & affordable way to start selling products online


How Many Steps To Set-up Account On AliExpress?

AliExpress as a cross-border eCommerce export platform will walk you step-by-step through how to manage an account best if you ever decided to set up an AliExpress dropshipping store. To open an AliExpress seller account it’s quite simple, go to the actual page for AliExpress seller’s registration you’ll discover it’s basically a 3-step form.

Is AliExpress A Newcomer Friendly-Platform?

Since I’ve discovered and used AliExpress not only did I find that it is a reliable platform with large amounts of product from different categories I took note that it is also probably very popular because it is very beginner-friendly.

When I was a newcomer I didn’t have any coding knowledge to problem solve and advance as an individual user who had never placed an order on an eCommerce platform. AliExpress makes opening a business account user-friendly making dropshipping simple and a-place-to-go the smart way!


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