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Hey all!

Thank you for visiting my site(s).

The purpose or goal of this website beyond offering PageRanking 4 20 lifestyle goods and medical accessories is to share my experience and knowledge investing money online making it as an Affiliate Marketer. That’s right!

Interested in earning online money:




#4.Online courses?

I can refer you for your seriousness & training. (Leave me a reply/comment below)

I built this Website with a plan of helping others to the point when money is no longer the issue

I think the internet is the ultimate way to do my part in this extraordinary way, especially by showing everyday people

Working From Home, College Or Seeking Passive Income

 how to build a free website & PageRank their story building wealth tapping the Hi-Frequency Bootcamp Training  worldwide & beyond!

If you EVER wondered what’s the best way to get more money, the internet is it!

Take action today using the internet & we can dominate tomorrow! WHY? Because we have affiliate teamsters worldwide willing to help at all levels start & grow you a online business! As a community we attract more than just money we cultivate having a business education online if not influence it in a greater capacity! It’s the most dynamic & all legal money-making role(s) for creating passive income online.  


What’s in it for me? Lifestyle Freedom.

Stoner or not a stoner. “Right from the start I want to help people searching for a new path transition well at creating to dominate a niche market.”

A second time.  It all started in year 2002 where I found myself a father to a healthy newborn son & I not so happy with my position training (others) on a job. Sadly. The same time..  I felt like a terrible dad. So I decided I would incorporate a company while I worked the job to help me with my bills.

It wasn’t long before I noticed– while learning to run a business I was many times researching  (online)  to find the answers for debts accumulating even faster!  In the end I lost my company & I quit the job. I realized I wasn’t thriving. I also learned in the course of working for others they would never pay me enough for my time or satisfy my drive to help people.

I did not realize at the time except & maybe because I was being distracted but anytime I came in contact with earning money online suggestions I never questioned why I was always moved at my core by the trending aspects of the lifestyle  I would just take action & my personal journey started to feel good!

As one (1) of my favorite meme says:

“What if I told you that you can make money online without Ebay or Amazon!

Meanwhile, being a community member, I faced a critical reality looking for work suffering migraines & anxiety. And because the Food and Drug Administration had not approved any medical Cannabis or Cannabis derived products at the time, using medical marijuana on a job came with a twist.

Apart from the Cannabis developments & booming industry.  I would never openly admit I was a latent self-medicated stoner, if anything I was becoming one. — I mean what was I doing with all my learning about medical marijuana anyway. I certainly wouldn’t have made a great advocate teaching children to say no to pot.

Then, I had this odd idea why not LEARN to use online what I already know about The 4 20 EXPERIENCE to MAKE REAL DOLLARS working basically from anywhere on my computer or android! 

But that’s wasn’t all. I didn’t need a 4 20 Experience to achieve making any kind of dollars online!  You can actually turn your digital life into a PageRank business using the power of your online presence.  

There’s NO initial investment & the easiest way to approach online money-making & ensure it works even for newbies.

Ladies & gentlemen. I was a newbie!

So even someone with zero knowledge or years of experience online — truly is welcomed to this opportunity of earning money, (if you interested or know somebody that would be I can help you!)

And it doesn’t matter may you lack detailed knowledge or not yet developed a network of relationships to sustain yourself building online!  There is a unique way to get paid $1000 – $3000 commission online. That’s right! There is! If this deaf ass stoner can do it you can too!  



So for fresh starters & visitors, I have to say I hope today I’ve somewhat impacted your online education about my passion of earning commissions launching affiliate campaigns. Fingers crossed!

That being said.  While it seem I’ve gone way off “about me” it may be because physically it isn’t noticeable.

I do have a disability. Yes I am hard-of-hearing.  I am not deaf. But I was born with a nerve hearing loss.

Funny thing is.. I think I hear just fine, until I don’t ..and whatever is being said to me direct …a lot of times I wish I wasn’t bothered by the fact I must ask that it all be repeated, again. Please???? Ugh!!!

Furthermore. When I’m not trying to be funny & handsome, but smart I do wear a hearing aid or two (2), but on & off occasionally.


I never seem to understand why hearing people sometime talk to me like I’m deaf.


Whew! Yet I realized I needed to become involved with something I loved.

I got busy.

Everything changed.

I decided I want to not only help people (cannabis audience). I wanted the help anyone willing to take charge of developing a new investment position:

Meanwhile I had discovered before I got busy with Affiliate Marketing what I hated most.

I hate the reality being broke takes time to mend and that for me ..is my own fault!

For the first time I begin to see a world where too many financial advisors exist and ..not many having…  their own financial advice to follow. Something is wrong and I needed a exist strategy of my own that worked!

Last but not least.

Rolling up a joint to 420nurse sexyminnie  for enriching my perspective around the cannabis community –she always has the best weed gifts for stoners!. I love her. I am grateful for her! She’s not just the homegirl & a good resource, she family & probably taking a bong rip to the face right now! Shout out to her!

Moving forward..


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best – Walter – A.K.A. “The Deaf Stoner”
MY WEBSITE URL:  www.fadedkinection.com


    1. Thanks for the comment brotha Joe! And good question too! Believe it or not I live for the love of giving a lot of details! Lol Hopefully someone benefits because hard focus & work will always win!


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